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Krav Maga Global G3-5 DVD (Graduate 3-5)

The G3-5 DVD set are part of the best-selling Krav Maga Global instructional DVD series by Master Eyal Yanilov. These DVDs demonstrate and explain each technique and variation of the Graduate Level 3-5 syllabus.

These DVDs contain:

  • More than 3 hours of extensive and valuable material
  • Self-defense, fighting skills, tactics and training methods and third-party protection.
  • Filmed in different training facilities, as well as outdoors in various locations around Israel


  • Special stretching techniques



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G3-5 DVD (Graduate 3-5)

Krav Maga Global G3-5 DVD PACK by Eyal Yanilov, is a part of the best-selling KMG instructional self-defense series.

The DVD features Master Eyal Yanilov demonstrating and explaining each technique and variation of the Krav Maga Global G3-5 syllabus. Thus, preparing for your level test or just doing some additional training at home, is essential with this DVD part!

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