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Krav Maga Global P1-5 DVD (Practitioner 1-5) , ,

The P1-P5 (Practitioner 1-5) DVD PACK is part of the best-selling Krav Maga Global instructional DVD series by Master Eyal Yanilov. The DVD demonstrates and explains each technique and variation of the Practitioner Level 1 through 5 syllabus.

This DVD contains:

  • More than 5 hours of extensive and valuable material
  • Self-defense, fighting skills, tactics and training methods and third-party protection.
  • Filmed in different training facilities, as well as outdoors in various locations around Israel

PS! This product is available only in PAL. If you would like the series in NTSC, you can buy them individually.


The P1-P5 Box-Set on 
NTSC, is out of stock at the moment!

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P1-5 DVD

Krav Maga Global P1-5 (Practitioner 1-5) DVD pack by Eyal Yanilov is an essential part of the best-selling Krav Maga Global instructional self-defense DVD series. The DVD features Master Eyal Yanilov demonstrating and explaining each technique and variation of the Krav Maga Global P1-P5. If you are preparing for your level test or just want to do some additional training at home, this DVD is perfect for you.

It is an amazing collection that gives you a complete knowledge for the P level curriculum!

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